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Welcome to the wonderful world of CLEANSING 

Makis wants to introduce to you the 3 Day Fast Plan. This cleanse is great for beginners. Keep in mind the goal of cleansing is to detox which increases your energy levels, betters your digestion and loosing weight is certainly a benefit as well. By just following this core plan you can achieve this and more. 

Over the years your body absorbs toxins from the air we breathe, food we eat, stress we have, creams and cleaners we use. All this, makes our bodes acidic. One of the ways to realign your body is to alkalize your body.When you alkalize your body you increase the oxygen within your body. By juicing and blending alkaline food you are breaking them down into digestible forms without compromising the nutritional value of foods.Always keeping in mind that no ones your body better then yourself.You only get as far as you push yourself. Luckily with this plan, its not necessary to follow the plan word by word, as long as you follow the core of the advice you will too achieve results.


Every morning it is imporant to to drink 12-16oz of water mixed with half of a lemon. The water should be warm or hot, whichever is perferable to you. Makis suggests this as an everyday habit, not only during the cleansing process because this cleanses your digestive system and gives you a good boost of energy for the day. 


Throughout this process it is essential to always matain your body hydrated.This cleaning is made out of liquids and water, which is our favorite. We recommend to drink about 16oz if not more of water after every juice. This will boost your body to flush out the toxins and promote weight loss. 


You should not eat any solids during this Juice Fast Plan. It completely defeats the purpose of it, if you do so. So make sure to stay determined to yourself and keep away from any solids, you'll just be on juices for three or more days.


If you begin to get headaches or very strong cravings, its by all means normal. We dont want you to freak out and a strong suggestion whenever you feel your craving getting the best of you, you can always add on another juice.


Makis suggests 4-6 juices per day during the cleansing. We will begin you with 5 juices per day of 16oz each. We want to help you throughout this process as much as we can and we even deliver anywhere in Stamford. Makis is more then happy to accommodate any food allergy or health conditions that you might have.

Our 3-Day Cleansing Package contains 15 Juices and is made to give you quick results for a low cost of $42.00 per day. You can always customize your detox plan...

We Guarantee the Results!

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A Fresh Start- apples, cucumber, blueberries, grapes, kale leaves and ginger

Makis Lunch Detox-apples, cucumber, celery, kale leaves, lemon and ginger

Bloody Mary- tomatoes, garlic, basil and lemon

Latenight Passion- beet, cucumber, carrot, apples, kale leaves and apples

Greenbooster- Kale, apples, spinach, cucumber and celery